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TROPICAL bath body


Hi, how are you? Welcome to Tropical Bath Body. I'm Crystal and I'm Christina, yes, we are sisters. We are Jamaicans by birth and have been living in America for little over 10 years. We started making soaps for ourselves and our children, who were born with extremely sensitive skin. After extensive research in 2017 a hobby was started and that hobby became a business and today Tropical Bath Body was born. By day Crystal is a Surgical Technologist and Christina is an Insurance claims specialist.

We are a small-batch cold process soap and skin care maker. I use original recipes and make everything by hand myself. I only use high-quality natural ingredients such as a essential and fragrance oils mix and natural clays and plant-based colorants. All my products are palm-oil free, as sustainability is at the heart of my business. Tropical Bath Body will always stay true to its roots: all-natural, palm-free, small batch skincare... but, you all seem to love our soap so much, that we'll be expanding, while still keeping these principles at the core of our business. Your packages will always be carefully wrapped and the products will always be lovingly made. Thanks for reading about us! From our island to your home,

Crystal & Christina

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